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Did you know that 1 in 5 adult dogs is suffering from arthritis?

Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

Here are a few common changes you may notice, if your dog has arthritis:


  1. Doesn’t want to play with you, other pets or their toys

  2. Has trouble with the stairs

  3. Prefers to sit or lay down, rather than to stand

  4. Is slow to get to their feet, or has trouble jumping

  5. Occasionally has a limp

  6. Having difficulty with toileting (can’t stand in one spot; can’t cock his leg anymore)

  7. Is occasionally getting grumpy with people or other pet family

  8. Sleeping in a weird position

  9. Doesn’t want to go on long walks anymore

  10. Cries out occasionally when being picked up or patted


If your dog is showing any of the signs mentioned, then they may be in pain, and this pain may be due to arthritis.

Early diagnosis and management of arthritis are vital in slowing the progress of this painful and debilitating condition.

Rehab, hydrotherapy & acupuncture are very effective in the management of arthritis and can greatly improve your pet’s quality of life.

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