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Therapy in our underwater treadmill has many benefits for our patients, whether they are recovering from orthopaedic or spinal surgery, have chronic pain from arthritis, need help to lose weight, or just want a fun way to improve fitness.

The water in the treadmill is heated to between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius, and we can vary the depth of the water, the speed of movement and can incline or decline the platform.

The gentle pressure of the water around the legs, assists with reducing inflammation and swelling and the warm water improves circulation to the muscles, increases joint and soft tissue flexibility, improves coordination and reduces pain.

Walking against the resistance of the water improves muscle strength and endurance and increases sensory awareness.

Exercising in the underwater treadmill uses up to ten times as much energy as walking on dry land, which is great for building fitness, and for helping shift any stubborn excess kilos!!! 😊

Buoyancy in the water, together with the other benefits of an underwater treadmill session, allow our patients to exercise with reduced load on potentially painful joints, improving healing and immune function, enhancing mood and well-being and reducing recovery time.

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