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Simone graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997 and has worked in small animal clinics ever since. In recent years, wanting to be able to offer our geriatric patients and those who have sustained injuries more support and better treatment options and modalities, Simone began her postgraduate study into Canine Rehabilitation. She has been trained in laser use and is currently completing a CCRP course. Simone says “It is so fulfilling being a part of a multidisciplinary teams; collaboration between specialist surgeons, general practitioners, rehabilitation therapists and our amazing, committed owners, to achieve the very best outcome for their small animal friends. Alleviating pain and working together to aid return to the best function possible and ensure excellent quality of life”.


Macarena with Dog.jpg

Macarena graduated from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) in 2014. She completed an internship in animal rehab whilst at university, and was granted a scholarship for research in the Department of Animal Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Macarena worked as a small animal veterinarian before moving to Australia, but she decided it was time to pursue her dream job and work in this field full time. She has continued her studies and obtained certification in laser therapy, acupuncture and chronic pain management; and is currently doing her CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) course with the University of Tennessee.

Dr Laura Dougan


Dr Laura is a qualified Veterinarian with over 14 years experience, in which time she developed a particular interested in the treatment of chronic pain and the effects of muscle and joint injuries in pets. Further study in the area of physical therapy led to the completion of the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner course through the University of Tennessee. 


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