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June Newsletter

Check out what we've been up to this month



Pet of the Month

Caeser Cowley – Caeser came in this month because his very observant mum noticed a strange lump on his gum. Caeser’s mum is very diligent at brushing his teeth daily so knew that this was a new and quick growing lump. We booked him in the next week for a biopsy and we were all very pleased to discover that it is a benign growth commonly known as a fibromatous epulis and shouldn’t cause any serious issues. Love his goofy smile!


What's Happening this Month

It’s all about the cold and our senior pets who seem to struggle more with extremes in temperature (December is another tough time for them!) Once our pets are over 8 age related changes are inevitable, but definitely manageable. Getting older doesn’t mean that they have to struggle. We strongly recommend that senior pets are fed senior specific diets that help maintain healthy weight, lean muscle mass, support renal function and support joint changes. We also notice:

  • Increase in the incidence of heart disease – usually mitral valve disease – which, if caught early can be managed with medications to delay heart failure.

  • Increase in incidence of dental disease that can range from smelly, calculus filled mouths to rotten teeth and severe gum disease – dental care makes these guys much more comfortable and makes those morning “kisses” less offensive!

  • Lumps and bumps often become more prevalent as pet age – sometimes these are benign and nothing to worry about, sometimes they are more sinister and need surgery – it’s hard to tell the difference without having them checked and tested.

  • Liver and kidney and thyroid issues are much more common in senior pets – and while the issues cannot often be reversed they can be successfully managed with medication and diet to give a better quality (and quantity) of life.

  • Osteoarthritis – pain, lameness, stiffness, restlessness, change in behaviour and lethargy can all be signs of osteoarthritis. Both dogs and cats are affected by degenerative joint disease and there are many options available to keep them pain free and active as long as possible.



  • Senior Health Check – extended exam, comprehensive blood and urine testing for senior pets at a discounted price

  • Discounted Hills Senior, junior and weight control food ($20 off)

  • Discounted Royal Canin Junior diets – 50% of first three bags

  • RSPCA Operation Wanted – 20% off desexing


Clinic News

Welcome to Roxanne, our newest clinic member. Roxanne is an experienced, qualified veterinary nurse who loves working with animals. We feel very fortunate to have her join our team!

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